Supply Assurance & Production Planning

We’ve built long-term partnerships with multiple mills in each product category.This ensures supply flexibility if conditions change at any one mill.

Quality Control & Grading

Our experienced Grading & Quality team conducts inspections and training at our partner mills around the world — and enforce our strict quality control standards from setup through production.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our relationships with mills are examples of low-carbon partnerships using sustainable, plantation-grown forests. Even with our top-selling options, we seek out mill partners that source renewable plantation species.
Many of our products:

Compliance, Certification & Risk Reduction

By focusing on import regulations, we help avoid problems that could impact the supply chain right up to the end-user. We ensure that all products we sell are compliant with import regulations, including:

Real-Time Tracking

Our goal is to simplify communication in a complicated multi-national supply chain. We employ real-time tracking and communication across our full North American warehouse network. We manage customer costs, provide supply chain forecasting and help clients keep track of inventories. We make it easy for customers to keep track of their products.

Shipping Across Land & Sea

Led by our Director of Operations and Logistics, there is no international shipping challenge we cannot solve.

Freight Time & Cost Optimization

We are continuously innovating our logistics strategies and technologies to achieve greater efficiency, transparency and information flow, while at the same time reducing costs.

Smooth Customs & Import Process

Our supply chain managers navigate the entire product export/import process and cover all the details, including:
● customs clearances
● tariffs


Warehouse Network

We manage a multi-channel supply network, placing hundreds of SKUs in position to meet your requirements in a timely manner.

Inventory Pickup & Delivery

One load, or one crate. Delivery or pick-up. One item or a mix of ten. Tomorrow, next week, or next month. We partner with warehouses that inherently understand the needs of our customers — flexibility, short-lead times, and attention to detail.

Direct-To-Customer Loads

We understand how you like to receive your product based on the needs of your business; Full loads can be arranged via container, flat bed, van, curtain-side, etc.

Customer Inventory/Order Status

We proactively track your shipments and ensure they arrive on-time. With numerous decades of combined experience, we understand the otherwise complex international supply-chain.