Hard Maple

Acer saccharum. Hard Maple is prized for its cream to white colored sapwood and light red-brown heartwood. Maple is diffuse porous with a subtle grain pattern – highlighted by characteristic springwood. The wood is heavy, strong and stiff. Hard Maple works well; stains and finishes nicely. Hard Maple is available for sale either rough or surfaced, (S2S). It is often requested as straight line ripped lumber, (SLR2E), which can be accomodated when needed.

Use: Furniture, cabinets, flooring, interior decoration including stairs and paneling, musical instruments, toys, bowling alleys and pins, woodenware.

Availability: Generally available in 4/4 through 8/4 thickness, limited availability 10/4 and thicker.

Hard Maple Hardwood Pricing:Hard Maple is considered a more of a moderately priced North American hardwood lumber species and is priced accordingly. We would be happy to provide a quote at any time. Email us at  suddanshu@pannwar.com for a quote.

Relative Working Properties:
Machining Resistance to
Splitting in Nailing
Resistance to
Splitting in Screwing
Fair Good Good Excellent
Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (12% M.C.) Average Shipping Weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) Air Dry Average Volumetric Shrinkage (oven dry % of Green) Modulus of Rupture (Kilopascals) Modulus of Elasticity (Megapascals) Side Hardness (Newtons)
0.63 655 14.7 109,000 12,600 6,400


North American Species