Alnus rubra Other names: Red alder, Western red alder, Western alder.
Alder is almost white when freshly cut but quickly changes on exposure to air to light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge. Heartwood is formed only in trees of advanced age and there is no visible boundary between sap and heartwood. The wood is fairly straight grained with a uniform texture. Alder is commonly sold in the rough cut form. It can also be surfaced, (S2S), upon request.

Use: Furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, interior mouldings, turning, carving and kitchen utensils.

Availability: Reasonably available.

Alder Hardwood Lumber Pricing: Alder is considered to have a moderate hardwood lumber price point. For a quote email us at

Relative Working Properties:
Machining Resistance to
Splitting in Nailing
Resistance to
Splitting in Screwing
Good Good Good Good
Physical Properties:
Specific Gravity (12% M.C.) Average Shipping Weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) Air Dry Average Volumetric Shrinkage (oven dry % of Green) Modulus of Rupture (Kilopascals) Modulus of Elasticity (Megapascals) Side Hardness (Newtons)
0.41 449 10.1 9,800 9,515 2,624


North American Species