Doors, door frames and windows

Canadian wood species meet the demands of Indian customers as they are well suited for a variety of interior and exterior door and window applications. These species produce stable lumber with consistent straight grain and a high occurrence of vertical or edge grain present. They have low to moderate density values and are easy to face laminate and edge glue, thereby allowing the manufacturing of warp-free engineered window and door elements. These species also accept paints and stains and can be coated with clear finishes that adhere well to the wood surfaces.

Recommended species

Western hemlock

Western hemlock is one of the most versatile Canadian wood species that is ideal for furniture manufacturing. It machines, glues, sands and

Yellow cedar

This wood is exceptionally easy to work with and hence prized for applications like joinery, carpentry and furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Yellow

Douglas fir

Douglas fir has a long-standing reputation for its distinctive natural attributes, including strength and beauty. It is commonly used for building and